Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Special Card Per Week

I've been making cards for Operation Write Home for about 1 1/2 years now. When I started, I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I had never made cards before, and I had only agreed because I was asked to do it by a friend who had greatly benefited from what they do, both while she was deployed to Iraq, and when she got back and was involved in a horrific 20 car pileup while driving across country. The learning curve was pretty high. I had to learn about various tools, using special papers, layout, etc. I'm not an artist, but I kept telling myself that I could improve on my skill set, and I have.

I follow a blog where the writer started a challenge for herself called "52 letters per year". Every week she writes a letter to somebody. The fun in it is the recipient is not expecting the letter. With email so readily available, people don't "snail mail" much anymore, so it is a very pleasant surprise to receive something other than bills and advertisements in the mail box. I like that idea. I've decided to give it a try myself, with a slight change. I have to make the card before I write the letter.

I actually made and wrote up two cards for my first week, but I only took a picture of one of them. The first one was for my husband's cousin Camie, who has just undergone some major surgery. I figured she could use a bit of cheer as she starts her long recuperation. I also sent a card to my friend Marianne. Marianne was my secretary when I worked at a law firm back in the early 80's. Despite our age differences, we quickly developed a strong friendship which did not end when the firm lost its major client, and I was laid off. Her elderly husband has been going down hill for quite awhile, and is not expected to live much longer. They've always been such a nice couple, and I feel very sad for both of them. Her card arrived just on time, as she was in a terrible car accident Monday, and definitely needed cheer.

Not all the people I send cards to will be in such a state of health or mind. You never know who could be next. All I know is that sending these handmade bits of cheer has made me feel good, and it's nice to share my newly acquired talent of card making with people I actually know. Who is next? I haven't decided yet...but I have lots of ideas.

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  1. Your card is adorable!

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for popping by my blog, too. :)