Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Challenge upon a Challenge

When I started physical therapy for a rotor cuff injury, my physical therapist told me I should give up making cards for now because it physically hurt me to use the paper cutter, punches, ATG gun, etc. It was hard to do because I've been "addicted" to making cards for Operation Write Home for a couple of years now. Due to a recent fall, details of which I won't go into here, my shoulder worsened, and I ended up with a new orthopedist who told me "You've got to start moving that shoulder". What I heard him say, in the style of Charlie Brown's teacher was "Making cards would be excellent moving that shoulder therapy." It hurts. Sometimes more than at other times, depending on what I am doing. It can take several trips to the crafting table, followed by ice, to get a card done, but I am learning some tricks to make the process easier, such as standing when I use the paper cutter and large punches.

In an effort to do my daily Card Therapy and to help OWH receive some free shipping, I decided to play along with the Our Daily Bread challenge:

It may not be the best card I've made, but a challenge upon a challenge is a challenge!


  1. That's a lovely card, Adele! Hope you find ways to continue making cards without putting more stress on your injury.

    If you're the original Adele, what does that make me? Eek!

  2. I think your card is great. Hope you get better soon or making cards helps to get better because you are so good at it.