Friday, April 13, 2012

Under the definition of life sucks...

It must be surgery season. A couple of weeks ago my sister in-law in Washington had knee surgery. A couple of days ago my husband's uncle in Arizona had back surgery. Next Tuesday my sister, who lives about 25 minutes away, is having foot surgery. Normally, I would want to be there to help her recover, but unfortunately I will be having shoulder surgery three days after my sister's surgery.

Laura and I have agreed on two things regarding this:
1) Life sucks because we are not going to be able to help each other through our expected to be long recuperations.
2) As soon as both of us are somewhat mobile and can travel a bit, we will meet up for lunch somewhere and let other people wait on us. Let's hope we can do this by Memorial Day.

I wanted to do something to let my sister know I was thinking of her, so I sent her a card a few days ago. I had to wait until she received it before posting.

Good luck, Laura!

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