Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Daily Bread Designs April Challenge

First of all, I want to say that I was thrilled to be chosen as a winner in the "Our Daily Bread March Challenge".  I've been told by Operation Writes Home that I've won a $25 gift certificate to the Our Daily Bread web site.  When the confusion and dust settles on their side, and I receive my certificate, I am looking forward to getting a Scor Buddy.  I've been looking at them at Michael's for quite some time.  They are supposed to be great at not only helping to fold card bases better, but can be used in the actual design of a card.  It will definitely add some new dimension to my card making!  Here's the Our Daily Bread Designs web site. 

The challenge for April 2013 is "Things that Fly".  I immediately thought of butterflies.  Well, maybe not immediately, but the little gnats that have been flying around here this spring would not be as beautiful or exciting.  Neither would the mosquitos, which seem to be out early this year.  

The butterfly was colored with Prismacolor pencils, then blended with baby powder scented baby oil.  The background was made by rubbing pastel colored chalk placed on a hand-scalloped piece of cardstock onto a white piece of cardstock, then set with hairspray.  The butterfly was mounted with my version of dimensional tape, which is tiny pieces of recycled shipping box, with ATG tape on both sides.  The silver accents on the butterfly wings is simply 3D glitter fabric paint, which when dry, releases absolutely no glitter.  It allows me to have a little bit of glitter look without endangering our deployed Heroes.  

I made four of these cards, to be used as Any Hero cards.  There seems to be a shortage of Any Hero cards right now, so I encourage my readers to check out the Operation Write Home web page regarding Any Hero mail, and see if you can send in a letter or two to support those who support us daily. 


  1. The bright cheery colors will certainly bring a smile and encouragement to our heroes. Very nice hero card. The muted background is so soft and pretty.

  2. Adele,

    Thank you for giving us such a great description of how you did your card. It is very pretty and fits the theme beautifully. (I'm glad you did use gnats)